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DIY Nestbox, Bird Seed Shapes & Pine cone Feeder

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DIY Nestbox
Everything you need to make your own bird house in one kit, suitable for ages 6 -100. This birdhouse has been designed for great tits, you can also expect blue tits, tree sparrows & pied flycatchers to visit the bird house.

DIY Bird Seed Feeder

Surprise the birds with a homemade feeding sculpture. This set has everything you need to create a decorative feeding item. Fill the metal bird shaped tin with birdseed held together by edible gelatine. Once the gelatine hardens the seed cake can be hung. The metal tin creates extra stability.
Set consists of: metal tin, small bags of bird feed and gelatin, ribbon.

DIY Pinecone Bird Figure

Make you own pinecone birdfeeders and create a tasty treat for your birds
Pack contains:-
3 Pinecones, bag of mixed bird seed, peanut butter for birds (without salt), 3 pieces of rope & instructions sheet.

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